Flower Care

Flower care is such an important thing when it comes to flowers, especially if you would like to prolong the life of them after spending your precious money.
All arrangements will come water packed which means it has a 'temporary' source to drink from. You must take the flowers out of this water pack and re-cut the bottom of the stems two centimetres on a forty-five degree angle. The reason we say re-cut the stems is that within two minutes the bottom of the flowers seal up, if you put them pack into water without having re-cutting the stems the poor flowers will not be able to drink lots of water.
Cleaning the vase you put the flowers in is also important. A drop of bleach diluted with water to clean the vase gets rid of any bacteria that is in the water which potentially could kill the flowers faster. Changing the water regularly can make a massive difference, we recommend every day but life can be busy so every two days might be better for you.
Hope this has educated you a little into caring for your flowers,
From the team at Champagne with Style x